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A passion for locks

News | 24. September 2020.
Hardly any other distributor is as passionate about EVVA as Lockogan. So much so that even the EVVA logo is shaved into their hairstyle. We asked the founder and owner David Kogan about the secret of his success.

What do you find fascinating about your profession?
The main thing that fascinate me in my profession is my ability to think all the time about lock breaching solutions. I have been dealing with locks since I was a little boy and always find it fascinating to try to breach a lock. That was my specialty also in the Israeli counter terror unit.

How long have you been working with EVVA?
We are EVVA’s exclusive distributor in Israel since 2016.

How do you succeed in gaining new projects?
Most of our efforts in gaining new projects are in targeted marketing to the right people. But we believe that in order to succeed in the Israeli locking systems market, you have to target also end customers and locksmiths.

At which locations have you already installed EVVA products?
We and our locksmiths installed EVVA products in thousands of houses in Israel, and also in big retail companies, high security governmental facilities, AirBNB apartments, telecom companies, educational facilities and more….

What distinguishes you from other companies?
I believe we bring professionalism to the table and extensive knowledge in the locking systems field because of my history in the Israeli Intelligence Service. This combined with EVVA’s products (which I believe are the best locking systems in the world) and our service (which is the best in Israel) – no doubt we are the most qualified player in our market.

What qualification do you have? / What expertise is required to run your business?
Well, I think the most important thing is to have patience and to be consistent. After that you need to be creative and to be able to think fast and to respond fast to potential changes. And of course to do all you can in order to become a sales expert.

Founder & Owner: David Kogan and Shir Sagie
Company name and contact: Lockogan
Year of foundation: 2013
Website: www.lockogan.co.il



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