1976 GPI-P
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After many years of research, EVVA applied to have the mechanical Ground Profile Integrated (GPI) system patent-protected. This represented a genuine revolution on the security market: in contrast to conventional profiles, the basic shape of the entire key varies – and not just the bottom half of the key, as was the norm up until then. Thanks to this wide profile design and the different pin variants in the cylinder plug, GPI enables a huge number of unlocking authorisations. Locking systems with such breadth and uniqueness had never before been seen. GPI became a great success, and in 1976 it won the gold medal at the Leipzig International Trade Fair. From 1977 it was used in doors, lifts, furniture, window handles, and so on, in various settings. For instance at the UN, BBC, Hermitage Museum, Austrian TV station ORF, Austrian Airlines and in numerous grand hotels, ministries and universities.

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