Fiber Service OÖ GmbH: secure on the road with AirKey

Product: AirKey
Size: 1-100 units
Facility type: Infrastructure
Country: Austria

Fiber Service OÖ is responsible for the expansion of the fibre optic cable network in Upper Austria, making the highest transfer bandwidths accessible to even structurally weak regions. By building the fibre optic infrastructure, it is laying the foundation for the data highway that will link Upper Austria with the rest of the world. Fiber Service OÖ wanted an easy-to-operate, electronic access solution for its fibre optic local exchanges that was scalable, secure and that could be managed with maximum flexibility. This is because it's not only Fiber Service employees who enter the infrastructure provider’s facilities; it's also external service providers in particular, such as planners, construction and installation companies, but also network operators. The solution required capacity for over 22 POP locations with more than 160 contributors: this was flexible and location-independent plus access via electronic devices. AirKey gives all authorised users the access they need, whether they are employees, service providers or network operators. Continuous logging provides additional control, increasing site security. The most valuable benefit is that it makes our day-to-day work easier thanks to the scalability via the EVVA online portal. This makes it easy to extend or restrict access, assign authorisations, add new accesses or simply grant access using the Send-A-Key feature.


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