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News | 30. September 2020.
Does the "BLESA" or "BLURtooth" Bluetooth vulnerability affect my AirKey access system? According to recent reports the vulnerabilities manifest themselves during the coupling and connection process. Affected are processes that are part of the standard security of BLE technology.

This is not the case with AirKey, because AirKey relied on an interface-independent encryption right from the start of development to effectively prevent exactly such weaknesses.

End-to-end encryption over all interfaces

  •     Only tested and certified encryption methods are used
  •     AirKey uses double encryption for all data transfers:
    • ECDSA-224 for authentication
    • AES-128 for Session Keys
  •     The ECDSA algorithm is based on elliptical curves and is used for authentication between the various AirKey components. Based on the ECDSA authentication, a random AES SessionKey is negotiated each time, which is only used for the current transaction (update, lock, cylinder update, card update, etc). This procedure is used for all communications between AirKey components.

Thus, the latest Bluetooth spoofing attacks do not affect AirKey, the AirKey Cloud Interface or related AirKey identification media, such as combination keys, key fobs or AirKey cards.

AirKey is the highly secure and flexible access system that fulfills the GDPR as well as the latest technologies in cryptography, electronics, firmware, software and mechanics, which ensure the security of AirKey locking systems by using Secure Elements, HSMs and NFC smartcards.

AirKey is one of the most highly secure electronic locking systems with smartphone. We don't just say that, we can also prove it with our detailed description of the security concept.


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