EVVA-Bees 300.000 hard-working employees for more biodiversity
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GRI 304: Biodiversity UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), No. 2: Zero Hunger; No. 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities; No. 15: Life on Land

It is well-known, that the importance of bees as pollinators for the ecosystem and world nutrition is elementary for humanity. Yet, due to intensive agriculture, monocultures and the use of pesticides there remains a marked decline of the bee population worldwide. The United Nations General Assembly has therefore proclaimed 20th May the World Bee Day, with the aim to draw attention to the urgent need to protect the bees of our planet.

75% of the world’s food crops depend on pollination, especially by bees. Today, over 50.000 bee-pollinated plant species are used for medicinal purposes alone. Moreover, as a city-based office, it is especially important to highlight, that bees find their diverse food sources in the city, due to its wide variety of plantings in gardens, cemeteries and parks.

EVVA stands up for bees and sets a sustainable example with five colonies

Foto Imker und Mitarbeiter/-innen auf der EVVA-Bienenterrasse

Foto Imker und EVVA-Geschäftsführung With a drive to become a sustainable voice in the market, EVVA Vienna decided to take in
5 bee colonies with a total of around 300.000 bees as of spring 2021. By providing them with a new home on their sunny and accessible terrace, EVVA wants to do their part in easing the rapid decline of today’s global bee population. And, moreover, EVVA thereby seeks to raise awareness for the necessary respectful handling of our planet’s limited resources.

Beekeeper Thomas Zelenka takes care of our bees, which are doing valuable work for their organic honey in the nearby gardens, as much as they do in parks and chestnut avenues. They pollinate around 750 million flowers per year! At the same time, EVVA is providing its employees with a piece of nature – and a little buzz – in the middle of the city: a project that gives us and biodiversity a lot of pleasure.

Photos: Beekeeper Thomas Zelenka with the management and employees on the EVVA bee terrace

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