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You need to break an egg to make an omelette. Dust and dirt can significantly affect lock cylinders. For this reason, you need durable components to withstand the harsh conditions. Changing
production processes and subsequent annexes also demand an access system with excellent calculation features. These situations require professionals' profound expertise. Good you have come to EVVA.

Your requirements:


  • Resistant to dirt Because production generates plenty of dust and dirt and you need durable cylinders that are resistant to dirt
  • 100% copying protection Because you run in-house research and development facilities and aim to prevent results from falling into the hands of third parties or you work with substances that must be locked away
  • Simple management Because you prefer simple processes when it comes to "who has access to which facility"
  • Just one card Because you want your employees to be able to pay for their meals in the canteen and also record all access times at doors
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Our solution:


Mechanical 4KS, MCS access systems
grow with the facility and levels of complexity:

  • 4KS – where dust and dirt dominate the environment
  • MCS – for protecting highly sensitive research results

The electronic AirKey access system

  • The smartphone is the key
  • Send keys via the Internet
  • Component sharing and multi administration

The electronic Xesar access system

  • Xesar combi keys for mixed systems (mechanical and electronic locking systems)
  • Simple multi-user management with user roles
  • Ample door component selection
  • Compatibility with interfaces
  • Door monitoring with remote operation


alt text
Size:1-100 units
Facility type: Industry and trade
Country: Austria

The electronic locking system AirKey secures ZWÖLFER-REISEN, a modern travel agency with various sites.

Zwölfer-Reisen was established as early as 1929. The family-owned business has been run by the nephew of the Zwölfer family, Mr Michael Ringsmuth and his wife Petra, since 2002. Initially successful as a cargo carrier and organiser of trips, the business was extended by a TUI travel agency and an Ö-Ticket sales point in 2007. Most recently, in 2011, the company grew by a branch in Krems and new offices in Melk. Only one year later saw the inauguration of the new bus garage in Melk and in 2014 the company added a new branch in Hafnerbach.

Smart access management within a locking system

As a result of the various sites and the company's history, Mr Ringsmuth was seeking an access system that can be used flexibly within his modern company. With AirKey, he found what he needed at EVVA. Our partner, Jürgen Hirsch, was able to score high marks on Mr Ringsmuth's cards thanks to the competent advice and AirKey. Hirsch installed the system at the existing sites and commissioned it to the full satisfaction of Mr Ringsmuth.

Austrian Power Grid

alt text
Size:> 500 units
Facility type: Industry and trade
Country: Austria

"Power Grid Control" plays a pivotal role in Austria's energy supply: all the electricity provider's locations are controlled from here.

The company employs a total workforce of several thousand. The mechanical locking technology for all locations is supplied exclusively by EVVA. Just over 3,700 3KSplus mechanical lock cylinders have been installed with a total of 1,100 master and submaster keys, over 1,000 individual keys and around 540 Combi keys. The mechanical system operates without springs and uses milled curves that are encoded a total of four times during one locking process. The system is also exceptionally wear-resistant and protected against lock picking. Its advantage lies in the high number of possible variations for such complex locking systems with overlapping hierarchies. Inserted either way round, the reversible key opens mechanically or electronically locked doors it is authorised to unlock.

This object was realised with the locking system 3KSplus, which corresponds to today's 4KS locking system.

Heesen yachts

alt text
Size:1-100 units
Facility type: Industry and trade
Country: Netherlands

Heesen yachts in Oss in the Netherlands is a shipbuilding company focussing on the luxury segment.

The company's yachts with lengths of up to 80 m sail the seas throughout the world. The company's own buildings required a solid locking system. The company demanded elements including high degrees of security and clearly structured locking charts that clearly illustrate the access authorisations to different production facilities for the staff of several sub-contractors. The new locking system is based on EVVA's 3KSplus system including its springless slider function, high levels of wear resistance and maximum protection against unauthorised key copies which satisfied Heesen's demands with the result that the company now also installs EVVA locking system solutions on large-scale yachts.

This object was realised with the locking system 3KSplus, which corresponds to today's 4KS locking system.

Netcologne in Cologne

alt text
Size:> 500 units
Facility type: Industry and trade
Country: Germany

The regional telecommunications provider NetCologne requires maximum levels of security, stability and quality in terms of locking systems. One further demand was the short-term availability of key copies and extension cylinders.

EVVA scored high marks here with the 3KSplus system and its particularly short delivery periods. Today the locking system includes a vast 2,500 cylinders and meets all requirements in terms of flexible access control and high levels of key safety.

This object was realised with the locking system 3KSplus, which corresponds to today's 4KS locking system.


alt text
Size:101-500 units
Facility type: Industry and trade
Country: Germany

RECARO Automotive Seating is a world-renowned manufacturer of automotive, aircraft and child restraint system seats.

Many well-known car and commercial vehicle manufacturers rely on the product quality performance by the company from Kirchheim. Recaro itself relies on security management made by EVVA. The company demanded high levels of locking system security in terms of cylinders and key copies. It was particularly important to provide first-grade protection from unauthorised access for the development centre. The company's management opted for the 3KSplus locking system and 320 cylinders were installed.

This object was realised with the locking system 3KSplus, which corresponds to today's 4KS locking system.

WIKA Mera Factory

alt text
Size:1-100 units
Facility type: Industry and trade
Country: Russia

Flexible and secure mechanical locking system for state-of-the-art new production plant in Moscow

The WIKA Mera factory is the first plant in Russia from the German tool producer WIKA. This location enables yet another strategically important market to be serviced from a local production facility, this plant is considered by now the most modern location in the world of WIKA. The site measures 5000 square metres of which 3500 square metres are allocated to production, the calibration laboratory and storage, with the rest being used as premises for administration and personnel.

The new WIKA production plant required a flexible and secure mechanical locking system to meet their specific project requirements. The facility was equipped with a total number of 58 EPS cylinders to fulfill the high–security demands and to find a solution for the multi-layered hierarchy of the factory.

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