Warner Brothers Film Studios

Product: EPS
Size: 101-500 units
Facility type: Cultural/leisure time facility
Country: United Kingdom

Warner Bros. is the only Hollywood studio that has its own production facilities in the UK. The studios are amongst the largest film studios in Europe. The studios cover an area of 50,000 m2 with additional 320,000 m2 of external areas located on the former Rolls-Royce factory premises, 32 km north-west of London. The studios were rented in 2000 as part of the first ever Harry Potter film. The Warner Bros. studio tour is the latest attraction on the studio premises. The studios take you behind the scenes of the Harry Potter films. Such an attraction was a major security challenge. Up to 5,000 visitors come to the studios each day. EVVA security technology ensures that none of the guests vanish into thin air behind the scenes and the 150 employees also have restricted access to the studios. The studios also accommodate other stage areas that are rented out to film and TV productions. Clients demanded that cylinders had to be compatible with all doors (wood, aluminium, steel) to be able to use only one key to unlock them all. This is why the studios opted for EPS (Enhanced Profile System) by EVVA. EPS is a further development of the tried-and-tested EVVA locking slider systems and it is characterised by patented, multi-overlap key profiles. With its intersecting levels, this profile ensures key protection to legal standards, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorised copies being made. Five active scanning elements and up to twenty additional scanning positions check the unlocking authorisations for each key. This ensures that employees or external personnel only have access to areas according to their security clearance levels. Warner Bros. was also intent on a fast delivery of the locking system – we delivered the over 400 cylinders to the studios a mere five working days after having received the official order. Our partner S.E. Connor has been awarded the contract to maintain the locking system. Additional extensions at Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden have already been planned and thanks to the excellent collaboration EVVA will once again be the security star.


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