The DUO – Two Towers, One Solution – EVVA’s EPS

Product: EPS
Size: > 500 units
Facility type: Residential complex
Country: Singapore

The Client

Each building tells a story, and The DUO tells the story of bringing two worlds together. At its core the DUO is a pair of towers, embodying a historical collaboration between the governments of Malaysia and Singapore.  Being a massive two-part construction, the DUO effectively intertwines residential, commercial and office spaces. On the one hand, stands a 49-storey tower consisting of 660 residential units ranging from studios to penthouses. On the other hand, stands a 39-storey tower encompassing 20 levels of office space, over 5,000 m² of retail space and a renowned 5-star hotel. Its facades mirror a honeycomb – an intricate texture functioning as a series of hexagonal sunshades, blocking out the sun’s heat and shade.  And rather than being 2 isolate structures, the DUO has turned a previously neglected neighbourhood into a lively centre for social interaction.

The Challenge

Much like its beehive appearance, the innerworkings and access control system of the DUO require an efficient solution to hold its thousands of rooms and doors securely and accessible for its residents, businesses, and users. A system so durable that it meets the demands for both - high protection and user convenience - without compromising organizational clarity and versatility. In essence, for its access control system and security solution, the DUO needed one key that fits all.

The Solution

The question to which key could fit all demands of the DUO, was a call only EVVA could answer. The answer – EPS. Providing high protection and convenience, while simultaneously allowing for master key systems with clear structures for its over 160,000 m² combined floor area across both towers, EVVA’s EPS keys and cylinders were the obvious answer for the DUO. Equipped with almost 3,000 EPS cylinders and the support of BJ Development – one of EVVA’s local partners in Singapore – the residents, users and businesses in the DUO can rely on an access control system that tells the story of security and comfort, namely the EPS keys and cylinders.


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