Sozialarbeit im Netz

Product: AirKey
Size: 1-100 units
Facility type: Residential buildings for communities
Country: Germany

A total of 14 doors including the main entrance of the "Sozialarbeit im Netz" day centre and its accommodation facilities have been secured using AirKey. The EVVA Certified Partner "Haus für Sicherheit" took care of the installation. The partner presented AirKey in collaboration with the EVVA sales team and it immediately convinced client Joachim Schwarz. "In many cases, purely mechanical locking systems no longer meet the changed requirements in terms of facility usage. If keys are lost, it is very difficult to immediately secure the system and replace all keys as well as install new cylinders", Willi Ermentraut explains, EVVA sales team member, who was also responsible for this project. In this process, by selecting AirKey our customer opted for a modern, electronic locking system which can operate without additional identification media because NFC-compatible smartphones are used instead. "AirKey ideally matches our demands and was quickly installed to our satisfaction", Schwarz adds. The strictest requirements to a matching locking system for "Sozialarbeit im Netz" was creating the flexibility within locking hierarchies and access control for event logs. "It is also very handy that we can use our smartphones", Schwarz explains. Individual time profiles are also in use. If a smartphone or key tag is lost or stolen, both components must be electronically locked. "Our advantage is that we are using NFC with AirKey. AirKey quickly and easily adapts to organisational changes and subsequent changes to access authorisations", Kai-Uwe Plößer, EVVA Certified Partner and owner of the "Haus für Sicherheit" happily adds. There are plans to install AirKey in additional residential properties within Mannheim's city boundaries.


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