Salzburg city centre is secure thanks to MCS

Product: MCS
Size: 1-100 units
Facility type: Infrastructure
Country: Austria
Partner: PKS Sicherheitssysteme GmbH
+43 662 88022112

The bollards had initially been operated with so-called "police and road maintenance keys", which have been in use in Austria since the 1950s. As a consequence, a very high number of copy keys had been created, granting unauthorised access to city centre areas. Up to 5000 copy keys were said to be in circulation. This vast number of key copies and the associated, low level of security urgently required a new locking system that guarantees one hundred percent key copying protection.

MCS prevents unauthorised access and exit

The solution: MCS or Magnet Code System made by EVVA. The system was installed by EVVA Certified Partner PKS Sicherheitssysteme. "As far as I know an MCS key has never been copied. For this reason, I deemed it the best solution for the customer", Bernd Popp, managing director at PKS, adds.

"We sought a simple, robust as well as tried and tested mechanical solution that can be operated for a long period of time and provides key copying protection. It was important that extensions are also available", Morgner adds. The magnet code system additionally convinces with its vast multitude of varieties and enables very complex master key systems.

World's unique magnet technology

MCS security technology was developed in close cooperation with technical universities and uses magnetic force. EVVA is the only manufacturer to produce such a highly secure, magnetic system. "The MCS installation has only been installed for a short period of time and it is operating perfectly", the delighted bollard official explains.


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