Product: ICS
Size: > 500 units
Facility type: Offices
Country: Switzerland
Partner: Uto Sicherheitstechnik AG
+41 44 750 20 40

The building is home to renowned businesses, such as Switzerland's largest corporate law firm as well as a restaurant featuring a lounge on the top floor. During the locking system tender providers not only had to cover a wide range of ambitious requirements, but they also had to score high marks in one of the core areas, security. EVVA came out top thanks to the ICS locking system. A grand total of 2,586 cylinders were installed. Crucial features that contributed towards the decision to opt for ICS were elements including the three combined security scans for keys within the system thanks to locking sliders, length profile and internal encoding. This is a unique combination that now lends Primetower the desired levels of security in conjunction with the convenience of the handy and smoothly operating keys.


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