Product: AirKey
Size: > 500 units
Facility type: Infrastructure
Country: Germany

Only a few companies offer purely electronic solutions for such complex requirements of the desired size: a total of 216 wall readers and 616 AirKey cylinders with 80 components were installed for the 2,200 employees' smartphones and 300 identification media were set up in the form of key tags for external users. In addition to the scale of the project, there was a very special requirement: the system was supposed to be integrated into NEW-owned IT. No problem for EVVA! AirKey has an API interface, the AirKey Cloud Interface. Other special requirements included easy app installation and simple registration for users, as well as quick and easy unlocking with a smartphone. All while taking accurate logging into consideration, which still complies with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Directive. All data is stored on the EVVA server, anonymously with multiple backups in case of power failures, meeting strict Austrian security standards. This central administration protects  users' digital keys much better than would be possible with individual protective measures. Data is transferred securely between NEW’s Internet browser and the EVVA server via a protected https connection, making it as secure as online banking. The highly secure ECDSA and AES encryption processes additionally protect the AirKey system and its components.


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