Holiday villa in Cascais old town

Product: ICS
Size: 1-100 units
Facility type: Residential property
Country: Portugal

The owners of this magnificent holiday villa located in Cascais old town (Lisbon, Portugal) needed a secure and flexible solution to grant and retrieve access into the different areas. Novostudio, the architectural practice from Lisbon who designed the villla, was seeking a purely mechanical access control system that would fit the owner needs. Our EVVA partner in Lisbon for the mechanical systems, the company Diplofer, proposed the TAF option - Temporary Access Function - which made ICS the perfect mechanical locking system to meet the high security as well as the flexibility requirements for this project. Thanks to this feature, the owners can always enter their villa with their "owner key" and at the same time decide who and when is entitled to access the different areas with the "service key", especially for the time they are absent.



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