Curtin University

Product: 4KS
Size: > 500 units
Facility type: Educational facilities
Country: Australia

Until 2011, the facilities at Curtin University had been operating eight different security systems. Security Supervisor Sean Daly reports: "we were faced with a security risk when patents for various systems were due to expire. Additionally, the use of many different locking systems made handling very difficult." For this reason, the management of Curtin University — more precisely a controlling committee — was seeking an alternative security solution. The requirements are very diverse: one single system must secure all six Curtin University campuses. The system had to be reliable and provide long-term patent protection. 3KSplus is a system that meets all the requirements in the eyes of the committee and an independent security consultant. The system is ideal for locking systems with a complex structure and a vast number of different user groups. This applies most of all to systems with a changing structure and hence particularly to universities. Thanks to the patented, springless curve technology, this robust system is suitable for the toughest conditions. The overlapping curve key cuts guarantee optimum security. Additionally, patent protection for 3KSplus does not expire until 2025 and this consequently provides protection against copied keys, illegal key copies and key manipulations. Security Supervisor Sean Daly and his team identified the circumstances at each door of the six campuses and compiled a system matrix. In future, the matrix is intended to manage all 14,000 keys that were handed out to employees and suppliers. The campuses were divided into five zones. In Daly's opinion, this increases the security. "It also increases the system's options for extensions", Daly continues. There is one master key for each zone. Additionally, there is a "master key" for each building and institute as well as individual keys for each room. Furthermore, various service keys will be handed over to service providers. System installation was launched in December 2011 and was completed June 2014. Sean Daly is delighted about the professional level of collaboration with Lock & Key. We were able to implement a difficult project in simple terms thanks to an excellent collaboration. For Daly, 3KSplus complies with all the requirements: "The system is robust and reliable."

This object was realised with the locking system 3KSplus, which corresponds to today's 4KS locking system.


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