Convoy Financial Services Limited / Trust Tower

Product: Xesar
Size: 1-100 units
Facility type: Offices
Country: Hong Kong SAR of China

EVVA's Xesar System in the Trust Tower: It's all about security and trust!

The client

Convoy Financial Services Limited is a member of the Convoy Financial Group, whose core business is financial advisory with operations in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China. In 2020, Convoy set up a brand-new 20-storey headquarters in the Trust Tower on 68 Johnston Road, within the lively Wan Chai district of Hong Kong. The Trust Tower covers a total floor space of over 66,725 square feet and allows Convoy to follow their core principle of putting their customers’ needs first by providing a one-stop service at a single location.

The challenge

Similarly, during the CoVid-19 pandemic, Convoy was looking for a one-stop, cost-efficient solution for their electronic access control system that would not require traditional wall-mounted components while also minimizing cross infection of the virus among its staff.

The solution

Equipped with 41 EVVA Xesar handles, Convoy benefitted from the Xesar system by enabling their administration to assign staff members with personal Xesar Cards to enter the washrooms without having to pass out washroom keys and, thus, reducing the possibility of cross infection significantly. A further benefit the client derived from the Xesar system was its flexible design, which enabled Convoy to integrate the Xesar handles into their existing door locks. To this day, the high quality design of Xesar remains an eye-catcher for Convoy’s users, customers and guests while taking away any fears of virus transmission.


The local EVVA partner Mr. Simon Leung of Gebäude Lab was in charge of this project. Contact details: | T (+852) 9152 2777


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