Casa Sunnwies

Product: ICS , Xesar
Size: > 500 units
Facility type: Residential buildings for communities
Country: Switzerland
Partner: Hasler + Co AG, die Zutrittsexperten
+41 52 235 33 88

The village of Islikon lies embedded within the idyllic landscape. A wide range of old and young residents now live in the total of 83 residential units at Casa Sunnwies. 34 of these units are suitable for assisted living arrangements and a further 24 for intensive care. Senior residents can live independent lives and book additional services on demand, such as laundry, meals or care. Younger residents move into high-end, affordable rental properties with excellent transport links. For this reason, the EVVA locking system has also been designed flexibly – a combination of versatile electronics and highly secure mechanical systems: Xesar and ICS. Xesar is the perfect solution for small and large facilities. You can flexibly grant and revoke access authorisations. As a result, exclusively authorised users are granted access. In the Casa Sunnwies residential facility the combination with the mechanical ICS locking system guarantees maximum security. ICS is ideal for locking systems with a vast number of different user groups, as is the case here. "The size of the system was a big challenge. The combination of mechanical and electronic access control and versatile requirements, such as escape and rescue routes according to legal stipulations requires a great deal of expertise", Remo Breuss, EVVA Switzerland sales team member, explains. The project was managed by EVVA Rotkreuz and a highly skilled, local EVVA partner took care of system installation and commissioning. "The flexible, yet extremely simple handling of the shared facilities, such as basement or cafeteria was a top priority", Breuss adds. Users operate the electrical sliding doors at the main entrances with Xesar wall readers, ICS Combi keys, chip key tags or even cards. Xesar wall readers also protect the care department and the respective units have been combined with a silent alarm that signals unauthorised access or leaving the escape route terminals. The medication and anesthetic cabinets are located in the vicinity and they are protected by electronic half cylinders. This guarantees accurate event logs. The 96 rooms of the assisted residential facility were also equipped with e-handles on the inside and ICS half cylinders on the outside to comply with legal requirements to mechanical emergency release. Last but not least, the administration area is also completely protected by Xesar handles and escutcheons. A total of 164 Xesar escutcheons and Xesar handles as well as an additional 25 wall readers protect the community facilities. Mechanical ICS cylinders were installed in letter boxes, basement partitions and within assisted residential units. A particular highlight is the cashless payment procedure in operation in the cafeteria. The available beverage and coffee machines can be operated using Xesar key tags or Combi keys. Residents can load credit onto the keys to then benefit from cashless payments in the popular meeting point, the Sonne restaurant.


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