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The AirKey Cloud Interface

With a REST interface you can control certain AirKey Online Administration functions directly from your own software.

In order to establish communication between the AirKey Online Administration and your software, your software needs to be updated. The best person to do this is your software integrator or programmer. In order to activate the interface, you are required to make a single payment of 350 KeyCredits. Do this by using the KeyCredits AirKey Cloud Interface Card.

You can find application examples, handbooks, API documentation and the DEMO Tool here.  


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Application examples
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Property management made easy

Repair work needs to be organised; entry and exit inspections need to be co-ordinated. As a property manager, you've got your hands full. Thankfully, AirKey helps to make your life easier. Using AirKey, you send the keys from your administration software directly to the tenants' smartphones.

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Safe under operational conditions

In emergency situations, speed is what counts. The event log sends a notification to emergency service teams who then rush to the scene with lights flashing. Wouldn't it be nice if the key for the site could be sent automatically with the notification? It's possible with AirKey.

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Happy guests

As an owner of holiday apartments or a small hotel, you need to organise the hand-over of keys with each new guest. What a hassle! What if you could simply send the keys? directly from your booking system to the guest's smartphone?

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High levels of care and security

Mobile care services are booming. Handing out keys, collecting them and making copies when they go missing is costly and inconvenient. It's time for an electronic access control system, like AirKey. When you create the roster for your nurses and carers, AirKey will automatically send the keys to their smartphones.

Service & Tools
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API documentation

In the API documentation you will find all of the functions for the AirKey Online Adminstration that you can control with the AirKey Cloud Interface, as well as all the information you need to program your connection to the interface.

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Our Cloud Interface DEMO Tool allows you to try out the first few interface functions. For instance, you can try out the process for sending keys free of charge and experience the AirKey Online Administration integrated into your third-party software.

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In our download area you can find all documents on the Cloud Interface: such as handbooks, system brochures and data sheets.

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Cloud Interface Training

The EVVA Academy holds regular training courses on our products. Learn everything about the AirKey Cloud Interface in a relaxed atmosphere.

Click here for the training options

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