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locking systems 4KS locking system 4KS. More robust. Stronger. More secure. Security for the toughest conditions 4KS represents the consistent development of our tried and tested curve system. 4KS is even more [...] protection 4KS complies with the strictest security category as per EN-1303:2015. Which features have remained? 4KS remains the reliable system suitable for the toughest conditions. 4 Your 4KS benefits Resistant [...] authorised EVVA Partners. EVVA is authorised to take legal action against any kind of patent infringements. 4KS has a maximum patent protection until 2035. Take the extra security step with the EVVA security

fascinates you about 4KS? One of the main arguments in favour of 4KS and the former 3KSplus system is the security level. Higher resistance classes promise high break-in prevention. But 4KS also offers the [...] Where do you see the focus of projects with 4KS? We equip residential buildings with 40 to 50 apartments as well as complexes with 400 to 500 apartments. 4KS has a very wide range of applications. How do [...] contact. What can you tell us about 4KS projects? In the past, the pin systems were the leader in residential construction, but now there is a strong trend towards 4KS. Also because the properties are becoming


also computer and cars. Do you have a favourite EVVA system and why? My favorites are 4KS and AirKey. They are also in combination a good team. I am using 4KS in private also. AirKey is very flexible. What [...] Find out more about Thomas Hüller, our technical Support for EVVA Partners all over the world. His department supports the sales team, helps customers on the phone, and assists in tenders. Where did you [...] you a sense of security? My girlfriend, my family and my job. Thomas Hüller (29) has been working at EVVA since June 2016.

en 4KS (4-Kurven-System) wurden alle Wohnungen ausgestattet. Das Wendesystem überzeugte mit seinem hohem Komfort und dem hohen Sicherheitsstandard. Die Haring Group als Bauträger war sofort von 4KS überzeugt [...] Flexibilität immer wichtiger ist, wurden die Allgemeinräume und wichtige Zutritte mit dem elektronischem EVVA Schließsystem Xesar ausgestattet. Somit können Berechtigungsänderungen in kürzester Zeit durchgeführt [...] Xesar- Wandlesern inklusive Xesar-Updater Steuereinheiten erfüllt. Somit sind die smarten Wohnungen mit EVVA auf dem aktuellsten Stand der Technik.

standard of security in access technology thanks to Xesar and 4KS. amRietpark is situated directly beside Schlieren train station. Approximately 1200 4KS cylinders, 1700 combi keys, 80 Xesar cylinders and 55 Xesar [...] the Tertianum retirement and care centre, which is leased for 30 years. Supported by an experienced EVVA key account manager, the electronic Xesar system was installed in all publicly accessible areas by [...] from Chur. The security specialist UTO Sicherheitstechnik from Zurich took care of the mechanical 4KS master key system that is very complex due to the layout of the buildings. Construction was managed


eines neuen Sicherheitskonzepts für das gesamte Gebäude wurde eine 3KS Schließanlage eingebaut. Der Betreiber hat sich für EVVA 3KS entschieden weil er großen Wert auf die Bestmöglichen Sicherheitsmerkmale [...] hat. Dieses Objekt wurde mit dem Schließsystem 3KSplus realisiert, das dem heutigen Schließsystem 4KS entspricht.


very specific requirements to building security as well as access control management. EVVA meets them all thanks to 3KS, a locking system characterised by its unique and patented, springless functionality [...] buildings. This object was realised with the locking system 3KSplus, which corresponds to today's 4KS locking system.

task in an EVVA master key system. That's not only practical, but also saves costs. EVVA also offers countless supplementary security devices to boost protection from burglaries. Your EVVA specialist retailer [...] straight-forward process Our solution: Mechanical EPS, ICS, 4KS access systems grow with the facility and levels of complexity: EPS , ICS , 4KS – reliable security for your home The electronic AirKey access [...] system The smartphone is the key Send keys via the Internet Online administration Master key systems EVVA is also a genuine master key system professional able to tackle any levels of complexity in terms


EVVA scored high marks here with the 3KSplus system and its particularly short delivery periods. Today the locking system includes a vast 2,500 cylinders and meets all requirements in terms of flexible [...] key safety. This object was realised with the locking system 3KSplus, which corresponds to today's 4KS locking system.

defined by customers and users. Not only that, EVVA also has two premium systems – namely 4KS and MCS – to map out even the most complex master key systems. Your benefits at a glance: Simple organisation [...] With decades of experience as a security provider, EVVA is familiar with the typical security requirements of organisations; planning every master key system according to the individual requirements defined [...] on Clear hierarchies More transparency Lower costs EVVA video on master key systems