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Our popular FPS and EPS pin tumbler systems have been relaunched. The new key bow design and the new lengh profile define the latest relaunch on a visual and technical level. Thanks to the new designs [...] designs, the FPS and EPS keys fit perfectly into the existing key bow designs of our mechanical systems. The new length profile opens up completely new calculation potentials , which is beneficial for factory

who want a comfortable and very reliable reversible key system and still offer a basic system like EPS. Thus, you have already covered a broad customer base. Offering variants and options helps to land


Yves Nzé carefully locks the door to his radiology facility in Libreville in Gabon using his durable EPS key. Bursting with motivation, Eléni Papadopoulos opens the door to her office in Thessaloniki in Greece


Krankenpfleger Yves Nzé in Libreville in Gabun den Zugang zu seiner Radiologiestation mit seinem robusten EPS-Schlüssel. Motiviert öffnet Eléni Papadopoulos die Tür zu ihrem Büro in Thessaloniki in Griechenland


self-rotating electronic motorised cylinder 2006 3KS plus New master key systems are being developed: EPS and also 3KS plus 2014 Xesar and AirKey EVVA launches Xesar and AirKey, two brand new electronic access