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Supplementary security devices

Whenever secure is not secure enough

EVVA supplementary security devices enter into the equation whenever secure is not secure enough They make doors even more secure and enhance your protection levels. EVVA offers numerous cylinder designs for all systems with a wide range of finishes. All components can also be retrospectively integrated into master key systems.

[Translate to UK:] Zusatzschloss K900 silber

Additional security locks K900, K950, K9000

Benefit from additional protection thanks to additional security locks. Consequently, you can lock your door at two points. If required, both cylinders can be locked using the same key. EVVA offers models for doors with an inward and outward swing

Your benefits

  • Convenient handling
  • Can be integrated into a master key system
  • Numerous versions
  • Certified in collaboration with Holzforschung Austria
[Translate to UK:] Rohrtresore PZV-178 & 179

PZV-178 and 179 tubular safes

Optimum protection for all valuables: Be it small amounts of cash, jewellery or important keys for emergency services, such as fire service or facility management keys. Mini-safes are best suited to installation in walls or floors, both indoors or outdoors.

Your benefits

  • Mini-safe for any valuables
  • Weather protection properties
  • Simple installation
[Translate to UK:] Einsteckschloss 7020 mit Schließblech SSB

E7020 mortise lock and SSB security strike plate

Both products boost the anti-theft properties at the door. As a general rule, only the front part of a mortise lock is visible - the so-called face plate. As a result, resistance to violent attacks is even better.

Your benefits with a mortise lock

  • Increased burglary protection
  • Models ideal for resistance class 3 doors
  • Certified in accordance with Austrian standards (ÖNORM)


Your benefits with a security strike plate

  • Increased burglary protection
  • 3 mm sheet steel
  • 6 safety screws
[Translate to UK:] Exitcontroller in drei Winkelvarianten

Exit controller

Thanks to Exit controllers you are in full control of your emergency exits. An audible signal sounds if an emergency exit has been opened, be it in case of emergency or misuse. Exit controllers are primarily used in schools, nurseries, hospitals and public buildings.

Your benefits

  • Battery-operated
  • Suitable for panic bars
  • Protected against tampering

EVVA additional security devices such as rim locks or mortise locks can also be retrofitted into existing master key systems. They come in several versions, so you can choose the solution that best suits your security needs. Decades of experience and the pursuit of continuous improvement in the course of quality management ensure the highest standards, a long service life for EVVA access systems and reliable protection against unauthorised access.

A security rim lock offers enhanced protection and is primarily used for apartment doors in residential complexes. The rim lock is fitted to the door leaf as a supplement to the regular lock. While it is locked from the outside with a key, it is operated on the inside of the door using a bolt or rotary knob. A built-in locking bar ensures that the door can only be opened slightly, thus avoiding forced entry. Furthermore, a security rim lock makes attempted break-ins considerably more difficult.

An exit controller, also called a door guard, is mainly used for emergency exits. Due to their function, these are not locked from the inside. A loud audible signal will alert you if someone wants to exit the building via an emergency exit. The sound will continue until the exit controller is reset via a key. If you want to know who is entering or leaving your organisation at all times, the additional installation of exit controllers is an excellent option.

The use of additional security devices and extensions such as rim and mortise locks or security strike plates for access systems can be advisable in the following cases, among others:

  • In areas with increased crime rates
  • On interior doors in residential complexes
  • If there is an increased personal need for security
  • In the case of frequent, longer absences, for example during holiday periods
  • In the case of outdated locks, if they are not suitable for replacement
  • If particularly valuable possessions or important documents are present
  • In areas that require increased security measures

Combined with high-quality mechanical or electronic access systems as well as supplementary surveillance technology, including cameras, buildings and the premises within them are efficiently protected against unauthorised access and theft. As an expert for all matters relating to security, EVVA supports you in selecting the right additional security solution for you. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

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