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Control, security and flexibility merged in an innovative, electronic access system – that's Xesar. Whether for residential developments, educational facilities or office buildings, Xesar can be simply and securely managed. You determine whether to manage the system within a locally installed network or via the cloud.

Xesar top features

  • multi-user operation for user roles
  • multiple components available for selection
  • appealing payment models
  • flexible system extensions


Xesar cylinders

Xesar cylinders

Xesar cylinders are suitable for doors in indoor as well as outdoor areas. Thanks to cutting-edge security technology, the components are protected against all common tampering methods. Their modular design allows the length to be quickly adapted on site. As hybrid cylinders, they can be combined with most mechanical EVVA systems.

Xesar escutcheons

Xesar escutcheons combine the benefits of a mechanical escutcheon and an electronic locking system. Thanks to the slim design and clear lines, the integrated reader unit is hardly noticeable. Xesar escutcheons can also be used variably: for solid or metal frame doors in indoor and outdoor areas as well as fire doors and emergency exit doors with panic bars.

Xesar escutcheons
Xesar wall readers

Xesar wall readers

Xesar wall readers feature a sophisticated glass front and they are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, lifts, sliding doors and swing doors. Equipped with an online control unit, they represent the security interface within the system. This interface is used to exchange safety updates between identification media and the software and to control and monitor online doors.

Xesar handles

Xesar handles are the ideal indoor organisation solution. Our extensive range of handle shapes and finishes provides the perfect solution for every door. Assembly is quick and easy – simply screw on the component and it is ready to use.

Xesar handles
Xesar hybrid cylinders

Xesar hybrid cylinders

Electronic systems combined with mechanical systems

  • Mechanical and electronic systems combined in a single cylinder
  • Suitable for combination with all current, modular, mechanical systems
  • Quick and simple conversion of mechanical systems
  • Electronic, individual profile with combi key

Xesar padlocks

The Xesar padlock is the ideal addition to every Xesar system. It reliably secures archives, server cabinets, chains and roller shutters. Thanks to its IP65 protection rating, the padlock is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Xesar padlocks
Xesar cam locks

Xesar cam locks

The Xesar cam lock is used in post boxes, filing cabinets and apothecary cabinets and adds the finishing touch to any Xesar system.

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Full cost control

Thanks to flexible KeyCredits you are in absolute control of your Xesar system. Opt for individual KeyCredits to manage small and medium-sized systems with fewer authorisation changes. The KeyCredit Xesar Lifetime option, for software version 3.0, is ideal for large master key systems with frequent changes to authorisations.

A KeyCredit is debited if access authorisations are changed or created. KeyCredits are available from all EVVA Partners. Purchased credits are uploaded to the Xesar software, which is also used to assign access authorisations.

KeyCredits 10, 50, 100

For systems with just a few users and/or infrequent changes to access authorisations, we offer KeyCredits with 10, 50 or 100 units.

KeyCredits Xesar Lifetime

The KeyCredit Xesar Lifetime offers you unlimited creation of as well as changes to identification media with any number of access authorisations for the entire lifetime of the software version installed.

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The virtual network

The virtual network uses the issued identification media in circulation to exchange information between doors and software. Xesar online wall readers represent the reliable security interface within Xesar systems. They enable permanent security updates and keep the system safe and up to date.

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Xesar software

The Xesar software consists of system management software and a tablet app. Thanks to the coding station you can quickly and easily programme identification media. Admin cards create an additional security level and protect from unauthorised manipulation.
The software package includes:

  • WEB-based client/server system
  • Information at all times regarding the system's security status
  • Schedule-based opening, door and user management.
  • Xesar virtual network
  • Flexible media validity periods
  • A secure and comprehensive event and system log
  • Several media per person 

The choice is yours

Whatever meets your organisational needs – you can select from many different identification media for the Xesar system – cards, key tags, mini tags or combi keys. Combi keys are used in hybrid systems. These are available in three different colours so you will always keep an overview. All Xesar identification media are based on secure Mifare Desfire EV1 technology.

[Translate to UK:] Identmedien für eine Xesar Schließanlage

Versatile application options

Be it in residential properties, companies or public institutions – many people come in and out every day, but not everyone is allowed access to all areas. Changing access authorisations and high levels of employee fluctuation further complicate the situation. Consequently, it is a challenge for operators of locking systems to organise them efficiently, safely and in a controlled manner. Xesar helps you to efficiently organise procedures and gives you the required degree of flexibility so you can quickly react to changing circumstances.

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