Der elektronische Motorzylinder

EMZY Simply automatic

Securely protected

You want to guarantee that certain external doors reliably lock and unlock from a certain time of day? Then EMZY by EVVA – the electronic motorised cylinder – is just the right product for you. The electronically driven thumb turn cylinder boosts convenience and security levels of the master key system.

[Translate to UK:] Elektronischer Motor Zylinder

Your EMZY benefits:

  • Controlled locking and release
  • Daytime and Nighttime remote operation
  • Remote door locks


The EMZY motorised cylinder

Thanks to the button on the thumb turn EMZY is particularly easy to operate. And since the required level of security at night is different to that during the day, the system allows quick and easy switching between day mode (office mode) and night mode (permanently locked) using the button.

Versatile application

EMZY is popular in doors securing sensitive facilities or whenever you need to guarantee doors are locked automatically. And all this while guaranteeing high levels of convenience and quick organisation. EMZY is suitable for combinations with all mechanical and electronic EVVA systems. 

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