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Four curves for particularly high levels of security

News | 21. November 2019.
4KS is one of EVVA’s mechanical locking systems. Everyone is talking about the fourth curve. Where is it hidden? We interviewed Roman Kietaibl, Area Manager East Austria Region.

How did you come to EVVA?
I’ve been in sales since I was 19 years old. I started as a training as a retail salesperson. After that I had the desire to do business on a larger scale. And I wanted to spend more time with my family. I travel a lot in my job now and see a lot. No day is like the last. I am as flexible as our systems (laughs).

What are your tasks?
My business card says that I am Area Manager for the East Region. Together with Mr. Werschlein we form a task force for Vienna. We concentrate on residential and industrial buildings.

Where do you see the focus of projects with 4KS?
We equip residential buildings with 40 to 50 apartments as well as complexes with 400 to 500 apartments. 4KS has a very wide range of applications.

How do projects typically emerge?
I have been with EVVA for 18 years. On the one hand, projects emerge through personal contacts. On the other hand, we also have a building construction database. We then use this data to establish customer contact. 

What can you tell us about 4KS projects?
In the past, the pin systems were the leader in residential construction, but now there is a strong trend towards 4KS. Also because the properties are becoming more and more exclusive and the demands have become higher. At the same time, the desire for security and flexibility is stronger. I’d say the balance between pin systems and curve systems is 50:50.

What fascinates you about 4KS?
One of the main arguments in favour of 4KS and the former 3KSplus system is the security level. Higher resistance classes promise high break-in prevention. But 4KS also offers the convenience of a reversible key system. Compared to a pin system, the springless principle is also much more robust and durable. However, not only in residential building, but also, for example, in the retirement homes of the City of Vienna, which contain up to 500 apartments per property. There are small municipalities in the city that may well need the flexibility of 4KS. There are simply so many different areas in which access must also be possible for authorised persons in an emergency. Here the rescue chain must be able to function perfectly. 4KS is an excellent illustration of these complex locking systems.


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