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News | 12. November 2019.
AirKey has been equipped with an interface that makes numerous new applications possible. Read the interview with Hanspeter Seiss, Head of Commercial Product Management AirKey and Johannes Ullmann, inventor of AirKey.

What was the reason for expanding AirKey?
The times in which locking systems are located in the middle of the building infrastructure have changed. Digitisation is the topic. Time recording, personnel management with HR, booking and administration software or in short “3rd party applications” are the driving factors. The AirKey Cloud Interface lets the system interact with others. Or as said in IT language, it becomes capable of being integrated.

What do you expect from the interface?
The interface is the key to using AirKey even more efficiently. Everyone can work in their familiar systems. With the appropriate programming, keys are automatically delivered to or deleted from a smartphone. The cloud interface is the driver for applications that involve many changes, for example in residential buildings. Keys are then created with the rental agreement. Service technicians receive the right key with their work schedule and find the component with geotagging. Rentals as well as the handing over of keys in the holiday and leisure business are handled automatically with the booking. And you also get feedback from the system. All in all, this means that wherever people today hand out keys by hand, they can be digitised through integration. For our partners this means the development of new target segments and more turnover with AirKey.

Is that safe enough?
Johannes Ullmann The AirKey Cloud Interface is secured via API Keys. In addition, all communication is encrypted and API access can be restricted to individual IP addresses. This ensures the highest level of security. In addition to the AirKey Cloud interface, the option “Two Factor Authentication” can also be immediately activated. This means that users receive an SMS with every login, as in e-banking, so that they can log in as an administrator.

Who can help me?
We offer our partners an update training in which we will bring our partners up to date with AirKey. An integrator with experience in programming REST is required for integration. They are able to program the necessary communication between the systems with the help of the API documentation. The demo tool, the API documentation and the AirKey Cloud Interface download package can be found at evva.com

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