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Dynamic sales

29. October 2019.
Active selling means making a concrete offer. But before this step there are still a few other steps to be taken. We have asked our sales expert Monika Schwaiger-­Götsch about the stages of the sales process in order to maintain momentum in sales process and to enable you to make the reach the possible closure.  
  1. Request for a quote
    It is important that you contact us immediately by telephone, but no later than one day later.

  2. Recommend and question
    Based on initial information, you are sure to be able to recommend the most suitable EVVA product to the customer. But if it is not clear yet what exactly the need is, please ask more questions! What, how many, when, budget, decision maker yes/no & correct contact.

  3. Offer
    The offer then should not take longer than 48 hours. Otherwise, someone else might be faster.

  4. Follow-up
    Also not longer than 48 hours later you can ask if the offer fits, or if something still needs to be adapted. The customer should also have the chance to ask question about individual items. At the very least you should find out how the customer wishes to proceed with the offer.

  5. Staying on the ball
    The further progression is now also strongly dependent on you. Set yourself appointments and keep asking friendly questions. For this purpose there are practical functions in your PC calendar which you can also use to remind yourself. In this way you also communicate that the customer is important to you.

“If you stay on the ball and don’t give up then the odds are good, and no one is faster than you. Because the same is true here: speed is decisive!”
Monika Schwaiger-Götsch heads the internal sales department at EVVA


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