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News | 10. October 2019.
The future poses our partners with new challenges. Founder and Managing Director Albert Kesisyan MSc and his company Knox Electronics and Security, will demonstrate how it is possible to completely rebuild a company.

Your company has an interesting location, directly on the busy Triester Strasse. Why did you move here from Baden?
Allegedly more than 60,000 cars pass by here every day, often at walking pace or they are forced to stop. The drivers have time to look around - and
if someone is interested in more security in his home, then there is a high probability that people will think of us.

So you mean you don’t live from casual customers?
No, our customers have usually already enquired about possible security solutions on the Internet. If they then contact us, we make an appointment, either with us at our location or directly at their home, which is more likely the case. The field visit has two major advantages: The customers see that it is important to us to create a customised concept and that we are happy to take time for them. On the other hand, trusting relationships develop during a field trip and this is a good basis for a successful customer or business relationship.

And what is your relationship with EVVA?
You see: The whole premises is equipped with EVVA. The signage and the strength of the brand attract many customers. It is not uncommon for someone to say, “I have seen that you work with EVVA. That’s why I’m here.” We also appreciate the closeness to the company of a few hundred metres. We can maintain personal contact and, in particular, maintain a professional dialogue.

How did you come up with the idea for your company?
I graduated in Electronics from the HTL in the 10th district. Then I graduated in Electronics at the University of Applied Sciences. The training was part-time and I had already worked at Philips at the same time. I then completed my master’s degree in innovation and technology management with topics such as sales, presentation and management - and that gave me the idea of becoming self-employed. That was a very stressful time, as I was still employed and was already building up my company at the same time.

What do you do in your spare time?
My daughter is 13 months old and she automatically prevents me from thinking about business around the clock. Furthermore, I also enjoy the fact that I can concentrate fully on my company at the moment and have less than 80 hours of training and employment per week.

Knox Electronics & Security
was founded by Albert Kesisyan and his partner in Baden in 2009
Since 2013 in Vienna with three employees
The company focuses on alarm systems, video surveillance and electronic access technology.


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