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Simply smart: The new AirKey Cloud Interface

28. October 2020.
Limitless use with the new, secure interface.

AirKey, the system that turns your smartphone into a key has been expanded to include an interface (API). "The AirKey Interface enables a great expansion of the AirKey applications. It is the ideal solution for customers who operate infrastructure and energy facilities", the Head of AirKey Product Management at EVVA, Hanspeter Seiss explains. Companies with worldwide sites that need to be well-secured and easily accessed in emergency cases are required to be equipped with a flexible and high-security access control system like AirKey. With the AirKey Could Interface, you can use your own software to send a key directly from your maintenance system to a service technician's smartphone.

Say good bye to handing over they keys
And yet, multi-site companies are just one of many examples of how the interface can be used. If you operate a holiday apartment or a hotel, you need to hand over a key to every new guest. This is a thing of the past, as you can send the access authorisation directly to the guest's smartphone. Now, thanks to the AirKey Cloud Interface, you can even send keys with your own booking software. The Cloud Interface can also be used in control centres for emergency services. "In emergencies, the interface also provides an important relief. It is possible to automatically send the access to the emergency service team with the emergency notification", says Seiss.

Easy onboarding
"Whether it be in residential buildings, clubs and societies, mobile care services, gyms, shared offices or the entire community or city; with the Cloud Interface you can do anything." The interface's integration into a company's existing HR software system is also an interesting example. AirKey can send the configured key to the employee's smartphone as soon as they start working at the company. The interface connects the available software to the AirKey Online Administration. It allows particular AirKey functions to be controlled directly via your own software. "In order to establish communication between the AirKey Online Administration and your software, your software needs to be updated. The integrator or software programmer will take care of this", says Seiss.

The AirKey Cloud Interface


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