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Service Pack for EMZY

News | 19. April 2024.
More possibilities, security and transparency

EMZY particularly stands out for its ability to lock and release automatically. After 2 years on the market, EMZY has undergone some further developments with its first Service Pack, which increases its security and makes it more versatile and easier to maintain.

More possibilities with ZR10

To provide even more possible solutions, we have just added the ZR10 cogwheel cam to the EMZY cam family. This means that multi-point locking´s can now also be implemented.

Greater transparency thanks to a more differentiated status display

In addition to the open/closed status, the app now includes further maintenance-friendly status information such as turn, learn or error.

More maintenance convenience when replacing EMZY with I/O box

From now on, the I/O box does not need to be replaced when an EMZY is replaced. After the software update, the existing I/O box can be reset.


The benefits of EMZY at a glance


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