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Interfaces as game changers

News | 08. February 2024.
Xesar and AirKey interfaces make the difference

AirKey Cloud Interface

A Swiss residential building has been equipped with the electronic AirKey master key system in combination with the mechanical 4KS master key system. And offers a special service: an interface to the mailbox system.

A total of 115 AirKey components were installed on the 4,000 m2 . The emergency key system was implemented with the 4KS mechanical system.

Interface to mailbox system

In order to make the delivery of mail particularly easy for residents, the AirKey media, such as key fobs or mobile phone access data, have also been linked to the mailbox system. This is made possible by AirKey integration via the AirKey Cloud Interface. The courier can select the right box and store the consignment. The recipient receives an email with the appropriate QR code for easy access.

Xesar MQTT interface

Thanks to the MQTT interface, the Xesar electronic access control system can also be combined with a PIN code keypad or a biometric sensor. This is made possible by the Suprema software (Biostar 2). Data including authorisations are transferred to the biometric code keypad, the fingerprint sensor or the PIN code keypad via the Xesar MQTT interface.

With Biostar 2, only the fingerprints need to be read in. Here, the great advantage for administrators and users is that they only need to use one software, and thus smart simplifies administration and use around the clock.

If you are interested in implementation or integration, please contact the Technical Office. We will be happy to assist you further. If required, EVVA can provide support in implementing interface adaptations and mediate contacts with external software service providers


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