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The heart of Xesar 3.1

News | 01. February 2024.
Installation Manager

This is how easy it is to install Xesar 3.1

The new Installation Manager helps with the PC installation of Xesar 3.1. This guides you step by step through the software installation. All necessary system settings are checked and solutions are offered in the event of errors. Docker and Periphery Manager are already integrated and do not need to be installed separately. Users with little training can complete the PC installation in a short time and without any errors.

The Xesar PC system in 3 steps

There are actually only three steps to creating a Xesar system on a PC

  1. step: Check the PC's requirements.
  2. step: Enter system data and desired backup settings
  3. step: Create the system including installation safety sheet as a PDF

Xesar Release 3.1

Even easier. Even better. More benefit for you


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