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News | 16. January 2024.
Manuel Strobl (30) has recently become your new reliable consultant in the Salzburg region and in parts of Upper Austria

Who are EVVA employees and what gives them a sense of security? Here you can find out more about your new EVVA consultant, Manuel Strobl, responsible for the Central Austria region. He is the new contact person for Salzburg and partner companies in parts of Upper Austria. We wish Mr Strobl a good start in his new role and continued success!

What does your career at EVVA look like? 
After more than eight years in the sales team, I found an exciting new professional challenge at EVVA this summer. After four weeks of product and system training in Vienna, I am currently doing the rounds to get to know my customers. 

What is important to you when working with customers?
Working with customers is particularly important to me, with satisfaction and trust being my top priorities. I attach great importance to the traditional “handshake quality”. 
I look forward to a good working relationship and projects with my partner companies.

What does “EVVA, the reliable companion” mean to you?
For me, “EVVA, the reliable companion” means consolidating EVVA’s trust and reliability in my area of responsibility through proactive problem solving and transparent communication.

What is your favourite EVVA system and why? 
I am extremely fascinated by ­AirKey and Xesar due to my strong interest in digitalisation and advances in technology. I am already very excited about the further development of these systems. In mechanical systems, I am impressed by the MCS, which, with its many years of market presence, is at the forefront of mechanical access systems.

What gives you a sense of security?
My family is the security I need to always be able to give my best in my professional life.


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