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News | 06. February 2024.
Mechanical and electronic components in just one access system.

Mechanical and electronic access systems can also be combined. 

In a building, for example, the use of an electronic system can significantly reduce the administrative burden for rooms in which an access event log is required or certain areas are only to be accessible for a limited time. Electronic components are also often used for exterior doors, while mechanical access systems continue to be used for interior doors. 

A school is looking for a cost-efficient state-of-the-art access solution

The requirements of a school clearly illustrate the advantages of a combi access system:

Everyday school life is colourful. ­Teachers, cleaners, students and visitors, a large number of changing user groups enter and exit every day. Some doors are highly sensitive and require control and logging. Others, such as teachers in toilets, do not need this. A school is flexible in practice, and this should also be met by an access system.


The advantages of the combi access system

  • Greater cost efficiency
  • More security
  • More comfort
  • More control
  • More flexibility


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