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News | 23. January 2024.
Further training is more than just a tool for economic success. After all, as Benjamin Franklin said: “Investing in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Thus, in today’s economic world, further training plays a crucial role. It is the foundation for improving skills and knowledge and subsequently increasing performance and productivity. Companies with well-trained employees have a clear competitive advantage because they are able to offer high-quality products and services. Customers feel better advised and are always happy to come back. 

Training and innovation go hand in hand

In addition, employees with broad knowledge and diverse skills are able to find creative solutions to challenges and develop new ideas. This is crucial for keeping up with the times, developing products that customers need and making the most of the benefits of new technologies. At the same time, an attractive training programme attracts skilled employees. The opportunity to continuously develop the skills binds and motivates at the same time, not to mention the feeling of appreciation. For example, companies that invest in training create a team that can adapt quickly to change. This is indispensable in the current unstable economic world, with its far-reaching shifts and changes. 

Training in the security industry

Founded as an institution focusing on innovation, experimentation and utilisation, EVVA incorporates “further training” into the corporate culture right from the start. EVVA has been accepting apprentices since the 1940s – since 2014 EVVA has also been the official “top apprenticeship company” of the city of Vienna. The main focus is on training as a mechanical engineer and mechatronics technician in the tried-and-tested Austrian dual system, a combination of practical work in the company and technical theory lessons at the vocational school. Today, learning and one’s own develop­ment are not completed by learning a profession. Lifelong learning is a core element, especially in the technology-driven and advanced security industry. As before, it would have been possible to move towards innovative security solutions such as the EMZY electronic motorised cylinder, the impressive MCS magnetic code system or the ­AirKey and Xesar electronic access systems. 


Hier geht’s zur EVVA Academy


» It will become increasingly important to stay on the ball and not get left behind. «
Catarina Wolkenstein, Head of HR Development and Head of EVVA Academy


Looking to the future with the EVVA Academy

EVVA employees have the opportunity to follow further training courses at the EVVA Academy. This has been supplemented by Masterplan, an online learning platform, since 2023. It bundles hundreds of exciting lectures and workshops on various topics, such as digitalisation and new technologies, MS Office training, social skills such as stress management, conflict resolution, sustainability and much more. Here, international experts share their know­ledge in short, easy-to-understand units. And, best of all, the lectures can be viewed free of charge around the clock as easily as with Netflix.

Top partners in training

But EVVA wouldn't be EVVA if the company didn't make further training opportunities accessible to partner companies as well. Both sides benefit from the most up-to-date knowledge. And so EVVA partners at the EVVA Academy are also right when it comes to improving market opportunities through comprehensive further training. From practically experienced trainers, you can learn everything that is necessary for the implementation of access solutions, from basic know­ledge of EVVA products to in-depth workshops with intensive exchange. With our different training formats, EVVA offers a wide range of ongoing know­ledge acquisition.



What the EVVA Academy can do

  • Acquire the basic knowledge required for working with products in practice in the Partner & Certified Partner Training Sessions.
  • Ongoing updates for professionals
  • Training courses on mechanical and electronic products as well as software solutions for access systems
  • Tailor-made solutions if required

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