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AirKey Cloud Interface for the Im Guss residential development, Bülach

News | 20. October 2023.
From 2016 to 2019, a total of 419 rental apartments and 73 condominiums as well as generous commercial areas and a publicly accessible park were built on the Im Guss site in Bülach. AirKey secures the new quarter in Bülach-Nord. The AirKey Cloud Interface was integrated into the existing booking platform by the integrator Allthings.

High flexibility thanks to secure cloud solution

Particularly large access systems with numerous user groups require access solutions that provide all tenants and owners with secure and easy access to both the apartments and the communal premises. In order to offer flexibility, ease of use and optimum security from a single source, the owner opted for EVVA’s flexible AirKey electronic access system. With the simple cloud solution, owners as well as tenants can easily manage access to their property themselves and, for example, grant or revoke access.

"The experience was very positive. The collaboration and implementation were seamless. Today, AirKey has been successfully integrated and is actively used by tenants," says Manfred Bausch, Partner Manager and Project Manager at Allthings.

Special treat: Allthings integrated AirKey

The AirKey Cloud Interface has also been integrated into the existing Allthings app. This created a transparent solution for end users. Specifically, it is now possible to book a common area together with the integrated management of access control via the Allthings platform at once. This means that common rooms can be easily booked via app, access is granted via AirKey and billing is then subject to the rental requirement. For residents, this means a tool for user-friendly control of access throughout the installation.

Tailor-made implementation

After the owner had expressed his wish to integrate AirKey into the Allthings app, EVVA’s experts worked with Allthings to implement the system. Developers and product owners worked together in a dedicated team to enable the booking and opening of common areas via the platform. The first step was to create a proof of concept. "In the second step, we dedicated ourselves to designing and implementing a generic third-party integration service. Once this foundation had been established, we were able to concentrate on the specific implementation with regard to the AirKey API," says Manfred Bausch, Partner Manager and Project Manager at Allthings. Allthings then set up the bookable common room and carried out the necessary end-to-end live tests of the booking and AirKey process.

Tool of choice for everyone

Users can decide for themselves whether they prefer to use their smartphone or a separate physical medium (key tag or chip card) as a key. The AirKey cylinder can also be used to create the latter access media without a separate reader/writer.

Technology on site

Project: Im Guss, Bülach
Partner: Allthings
Country: Switzerland
System: AirKey & AirKey Cloud Interface
Quantity: > 500 AirKey components


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