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The Akura 44 hybrid cylinder

News | 19. July 2023.
Electronic access system on the outside and mechanical access system on the inside? Or the other way round? The hybrid cylinder makes this possible and can now also be combined with Akura 44. In short, it has all the advantages of an electronic access system in combination with the new Akura 44 access system. The connecting element is the combi key.

The hybrid cylinder combines electronic access and – new – Akura 44 
The hybrid cylinder is the smart upgrade for anyone seeking to keep using mechanical access systems without wanting to lose out on the benefits of electronic access systems. We consequently developed a solution that has been adapted even more to contemporary security demands. “Another masterpiece from EVVA that perfectly expands the Akura 44 product family,” explains Martin Bauer, Product Manager at EVVA. “Electronic access components are therefore only installed where it is really necessary.” The operator of a system then has the option of sending digital keys for access but can still prevent someone from being able to lock themselves in from the inside. Only authorised persons with a combi key, for example, can use both locking options.

Maximum security and flexibility in public buildings
Schedule-based operation and event logs are particularly important in public facilities. “The connection of an electronic access control system to Akura 44 can then offer all the requirements for a highly secure and versatile master key system, as well as, for example, local data storage,” says Martin Bauer, Product Manager at EVVA. When Akura 44 is combined with Xesar or AirKey, the most important standards EN15684/EN1303 are of course also met.

Particularly convenient installation
Thanks to its modular design, the hybrid cylinder can be adapted in length on site to be quickly and easily installed in any EVVA locking system, for instance to upgrade the outer layer with electronic systems. Depending on the software settings, the event log of the electronic cylinder can record all access events. “The benefits are obvious.” We recognised the trend of combining both worlds early on and closed the gap with the hybrid cylinder,” says Bauer.

Guaranteed variety
As is the case with all other electronic products, the hybrid cylinder is available in all five finish options, with an extended outside turn barrel and all available cams. Hybrid cylinders are produced from a minimum length of 31mm (electronic, outside)/36mm (mechanical, inside). Extensions can be made as usual with the parts from the EVVA Electronics Spare Parts Catalogue or can also be ordered in the corresponding length.

Important for project planning
The hybrid cylinder is the logical further development of flexible access control. It combines smart electronic access systems and mechanical access systems to merge the benefits of an electronic access system with a tried and tested, highly secure EVVA mechanical access system.


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