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Future-proof with Xesar 3.1 (copy 1)

News | 20. July 2023.
Upgrade now and take advantage of many new features.

Variety and simplicity are not mutually exclusive; they complement each other. Xesar 3.1 proves this. The latest Xesar 3.1 version is simpler, better and now features the “Installation Manager”. In addition, the Xesar tablet now communicates wirelessly with the new generation Xesar components (G 2.1). Switch to Xesar 3.1 now and take advantage of the many benefits. After all, from 12 June 2023, the Xesar 2.2 version will be discontinued.

Easy update with the Installation Manager

The new Installation Manager helps with the PC installation of Xesar 3.1. This will guide you step by step through the software installation. All necessary system settings are checked and solutions are offered in the event of errors. Users with little training can complete the PC installation in a short time and without any errors.

Save time with super flexible maintenance

The new Xesar components (G 2.1), such as handles or wall readers, are also fit for the future. They communicate wirelessly with the Xesar tablet. No cable connection is required to perform maintenance tasks. The maintenance technician can get an overview at the touch of a button.

The components say hello

Another new feature is that identification can be requested via Xesar tablet components. If anything is unclear regarding door component assignment, the maintenance technician can easily identify the components remotely. This saves EVVA Partners time and simplifies installation.

Bluetooth on/off with only one medium

Using the Bluetooth on/off medium, Bluetooth can be switched on and off at the components regardless of the software version.*) Xesar 3.1 can thus also continue to be used in radio-sensitive areas.

One for all, for the future

All new Xesar components (G 2.1) are compatible with existing systems from Xesar 2.2, even without a software or firmware update. Nevertheless, switch to Xesar 3.1 now and read the following article on the discontinuation of Xesar 2.2.

Xesar 2.2 discontinuation start

As of 12 June 2023, the Xesar 2.2 version will gradually be discontinued. As a first step, the software will no longer be available for download at evva.com or in the Partner portal. Maintenance and technical support for Xesar 2.2 will then be discontinued from 1 January 2024.

Of course, Xesar’s success story continues with Xesar 3.1. How can you continue to ensure the operation of your Xesar systems? Upgrade to Xesar 3.1 by the end of 2023. This ensures that all Xesar tablets, all Xesar components and the continued operation of the systems are guaranteed. We also recommend Xesar 3.1 training at the EVVA Academy. Log in now at evva.com.

If you have any questions about the discontinuation of Xesar 2.2 and the upgrade to Xesar 3.1, please contact your EVVA consultant.


Switch to Xesar 3.1


*) In order not to compromise installation security, this feature is only available in construction mode.


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