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Xesar 3.1. Feature Pack 1

News | 26. January 2023.
Xesar 3.1 Even better. Even easier.

With Xesar 3.1, the latest Xesar release, the system is now even better and even easier. Highlights include the new Installation Manager and the ability to perform maintenance tasks wirelessly.

Today, we are responding quickly to customer feedback by releasing a feature pack for Xesar 3.1. The feature pack offers further simplifications that improve usability and also save time.

We would like to present to you those with the greatest added value in more detail.

The highlights

Individual firmware updates

Individual component types of a Xesar system can be loaded with special firmware if required. The EVVA technical office will guide you.

Collective selection

A collective selection of authorisation profiles and areas is now possible.

Simplified time entry

In addition to using the arrow keys to enter the time, numerical time entries can now be recognised and entered correctly. Time series entry has been improved.

New filter function

Now you can also filter by access media that are not assigned to a person, such as visitor media.

Status icons with explanations

Not only are there new icons for the statuses of media and actions, but there are now helpful explanations for them as well.

Assign personal data faster

Simply place the access medium on the coding station with the personal details page open – the transfer is automatic.

Deactivate access media

Access media can now be easily deactivated for a specified period of time.
When activated, all personal data and authorisation data are automatically restored.

Xesar 3.1


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