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NEW! AirKey release

News | 06. October 2022.
AirKey makes your life easier and more comfortable. With the new AirKey release, you benefit from a wide range of new features, which make it easier to organise your access control system. Even more cleverness with AirKey.

Highlights from the new AirKey release

AirKey allows you to open doors with your smartphone, assign keys by SMS and easily organise your entire access control system online. This update makes the tried-and-tested electronic access control system even easier and better.

Easily change smartphones

The user can add a new smartphone to the access system. After the new smartphone is used to lock for the first time, the access authorisation on the old smartphone is deactivated.

Enhanced data protection

In accordance with the GDPR, event logs can only be viewed if a second admin grants the requester access with a TAN.

Customisable SMS texts

You can send keys with personal text messages (max. 150 characters), so that the SMS message will definitely not be overlooked or marked as spam.

Appoint sub-admins

Interesting for the front desk: additional user roles with restricted rights can be created, for example, to create persons or issue media.

Admin controls hands-free

The admin has to consider the security of the installation. For this reason, it is possible to deactivate hands-free access to individual components at critical access locations.

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