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News | 20. December 2018.
Hubert Mildner and Ulises Lorente are our two team members responsible for subsidiaries and distributors at EVVA. Their working life is dominated by travelling, conference calls and handling the most diverse cultures.

Ten subsidiaries, supplying EVVA products in 11 coun­tries plus distributors in 48 countries – how do you or­ganise collaboration and most of all make sure that we are all working towards the same objectives?

Mildner: In this context we closely follow a certain structure. The key to continuous development is our corpo­rate strategy that profoundly involves all departments with the objective of preparing them for a successful future. We operate our own strategies for products, HR, financial matters and production. They define how we want to configure the future and this align­ment forms the basis for annual plans that are also binding for subsidiaries. The corresponding framework agree­ments, product portfolio or pricing complement these strategies. This is how we aim to meet the financial tar­gets specified by management.

How do you communicate with subsidiaries and distributors on an everyday basis?

Mildner: Here, we follow a clearly defined process too. We hold weekly video conferences with subsidiaries. In this process, we mainly focus on exchanging information about market­ing promotions, new products or sales plans. As part of monthly web report­ing, each subsidiary provides the cur­rent business development figures for the corresponding budget. Consequent­ly, we are always informed in detail about the current development and can intervene when necessary. We organise special subsidiary conferences twice a year. Furthermore, some subsidiary managers have been integrated into EVVA’s strategy team to actively partici­pate in this forum.

Lorente: Different rules apply to com­munication with distributors as they are external partners. We primarily focus on a direct face-to-face contact. For myself and my team this means around 60 travelling days per year. However, we also welcome customers to Vienna for training sessions or meetings. Any other necessary issues will be discussed via email, phone and video confer­ences. Maintaining a high presence at international trade fairs in regions important to us is also a paramount factor. We cultivate and foster not only existing business contacts, but also aim to conclude new partnerships.

Does establishing a subsidiary mean there will be no partners or distribu­tors in a certain country?

Mildner: No, not at all, our partners are an essential part of our company. They are on site, are familiar with local con­ditions and have also been trained so that we can rely on successful project implementation. We also operate on the same basis within Austria. In most cases we collaborate with partners to also safeguard aftersales services, such as maintenance, battery replacements, etc. for customers.

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