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EVVA expands production in Vienna

News | 11. January 2022.
With the structural expansion at the Wienerberg site, the leading Austrian company is setting another milestone in its more than 100-year success story.

The expansion of EVVA's production facility at the Wienerberg site became necessary due to the lack of space that has been an issue for several years. "Ultimately, our new mechanical platform Akura 44 was another catalyst for considering investing in a new building. With this expansion, we are expanding the production area by 20%, thus remaining loyal to our site since 1955," said Ehrlich-Adám.

Investing in the future

The expansion in Vienna demonstrates that EVVA is now consistently implementing its Power Plant strategy in terms of construction. In addition to the now complete new building at the Wienerberg site, the three main production sites designated for this purpose are the modernised production facilities in Krefeld, Germany, and the new greenfield building in Tišnov (Czech Republic), which opened two months ago. The satellites for flexible and fast production and assembly of products for local needs will in future be located on site at the respective international EVVA subsidiaries. “With the Power Plant strategy and the associated investments, we have made EVVA future proof and have also shown a clear commitment to the production sites,” CEO Ehrlich-Adám added.

Big steps on the path to excellence

The expansion in Vienna and the resulting new floor space of 4,000 m2 will not only provide sufficient capacity for the expansion of the product portfolio in the future, but will also enable the optimisation of existing production lines, thus increasing output. “In doing so, we are clearly demonstrating which goal EVVA will continue to pursue in the future: innovation and new products as well as the further expansion of the existing product lines; furthermore, an increase in speed, a further increase in delivery reliability; and enhanced efficiency of the entire value chain combined with a clear focus on sustainability,” Michael Kiel, Group Division Executive for Operations explains, “so, important steps forward on our path to the development of excellence”.

Green Factory

Speaking of sustainability: EVVA has been pushing ahead with the opportunities and investments associated with sustainability for many years and has already received numerous awards for this, including the 'Trigos' award (again) this year. Aside from the many, continually optimised clean production initiatives, EVVA has set up its own photovoltaic (PV) systems at several sites in order to generate at least a part of its energy requirements. A PV system was also installed on the new extension. Together, the photovoltaic systems will generate 250,000 kWh of environmentally-friendly energy per year, which is as much power as approximately 50 single-family households need per year. This saves EVVA approximately 30,000 euros per year in energy procurement and save the environment from approximately 100 tonnes of CO² emissions.




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