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From Vienna into the world

News | 19. December 2018.
What began in 1919 as the “Erfindungs-Versuchs-Verwertungs-Anstalt” (invention, experimentation and application institute), in short EVVA, in Vienna’s 15th council district has developed into an internationally successful company.

Around 750 employees in Vienna and subsidiaries in ten countries as well as partners and customers on all continents make the world a little more secure – at least deep down.

Simon Leung from Hong Kong uses his smartphone to open the door to his office – and thanks to AirKey his team mem­bers can do the same. Nurse Yves Nzé carefully locks the door to his radiology facility in Libreville in Gabon using his durable EPS key. Bursting with motivation, Eléni Papadopoulos opens the door to her office in Thessaloniki in Greece. Whenever Lorin Schöttli opens the door to Casa Hubpünt in Aargau (Switzerland), Xesar and ICS also simultaneously make sure that his working time is recorded. Thousands of kilometres lie between these people, but what they all have in common is that they use an EVVA product every day.

Export as an important growth motor

Today exports at subsidiaries and dis­tributors already make up 50% of the revenue. And if we look at strategic targets, this rate is expected to in­crease further as EVVA will continue to grow in the export sector. The largest proportion in this context is generated in Germany with almost 50% and the potential here remains high.

International success with two concepts

EVVA’s international success is based on two variants such as international partnership and customer proximity. The company’s ten European subsidiar­ies produce or complete EVVA prod­ucts locally in addition to supporting customers in planning and implement­ing their solutions on site. EVVA owns a minimum share of 50% in these sub­sidiaries and involves them in its strate­gic decisions based on their reports back to Vienna. So-called distributors form our foundation in 48 countries. They are independent companies that operate on the market in their own name. Company sizes range from one-man shows to companies larger than EVVA itself. What they all share is that EVVA has concluded agreements with them. Said contracts specify revenue targets and framework agreements as well as training sessions. Consequently, EVVA is often able to smoothly access markets that would otherwise be hard to develop due to the geographical distance between them or their local structures. Ulises Lorente, export manager, explains that “You can only break into a market with reliable and well connected, local partners.”

Highest quality beyond borders

We work with so-called preassembled products to quickly and easily provide local partners with tried and tested EVVA quality. As a result, we mainly provide semi-finished products, especially mechanical systems, that distributors then complete locally to adapt them to the corresponding de­mands. This guarantees short delivery times and also saves costs as we are not forced to constantly supply small quantities. Thanks to the ample selec­tion of different cylinder profiles and comprehensive cylinder options, EVVA security products can ultimately meet any country-specific requirements perfectly.


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