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EVVA Partner portrait: Safety and Reliability

News | 03. December 2021.
LIOM and EVVA began their joint success story in 2016. Since then, the LIOM Ukrainian Trade Group's winning streak has continued.

LIOM Ukrainian Trade Group was established in 2012. The idea of LIOM was to create a company that would specialize in presenting a market of solutions that truly guarantee safety and reliability. As there are no clear standards for cylinder and key products in Ukraine, this has led to a large number of low-quality Chinese products on the Ukrainian market. It was a challenge for LIOM, but they withstood this challenge. Although the actual sales of the EVVA brand in Ukraine began in 2017, I personally believe that 2016 is the beginning of cooperation with EVVA.

What do you find exciting in your profession?

In fact, my profession is a mathematics teacher. However, I worked in the direct specialty for 3 months. But I wanted something else, I was interested in business. Of course, at that time I still did not understand what it was. But it didn't scare me. And that's when I changed the teacher's office to a freight forwarder's car. What I do, I do not consider as a profession. It's more like a hobby. I like building a business. I love marketing. I like to build a team and lead it. I probably have some math left - I like challenging problems. This is really cool!

You have recently started using Master Key systems. How do you feel about new Master Key projects?

The Master Key System market for Ukraine is a young market. As I said earlier, there are no legal requirements for the ICC in Ukraine. So for us, it's marketing first and foremost. We started implementing MKS in 2018. But the really big MKS we did only thanks to EVVA in 2020. We studied this market for ourselves. We have studied the basic needs of the Ukrainian market, and we know for which solutions MKS will be needed.

What is your favorite EVVA product and why?

In fact, this is a difficult question. To be honest, I can't answer it unequivocally. For me personally, each EVVA product is unique because each product solves its task. Each EVVA product is the work of Austrian craftsmen and is unique. The only thing I can say is that among the 10 brands included in LIOM's portfolio, EVVA is my favorite brand.

What are LIOM's goals for 2021?

For us, this will be a year of electronic solutions. At the end of June 2021, we plan to launch a new and modern interactive showroom of ready-made solutions, where every visitor will be able to see how access control systems work in combination with classic mechanical systems. We plan to launch the AirKey, Xesar and EMZY systems.


LIOM Ukrainian Trade Group


  • Founder & Owner: Andrii Omelchenko 
  • Company name and contact: LIOM Ukrainian Trade Group
  • Year of foundation: 2012



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