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Sustainability at EVVA

News | 01. March 2021.
Did you know that all metal chips at EVVA are 100% recycled? Or that EVVA has one of the largest industrial photovoltaic systems in operation in Vienna?

You will soon be able to read about these and many other interesting facts on EVVA’s commitment to sustainability online at evva.com!

1 Mio kWh

EVVA has already produced 1 million kWh of clean solar energy with one of the largest photovoltaic systems for private consumption in Vienna (since PV installation in 2014). That is as much as the amount produced by 40 single-family home PV systems. EVVA can maintain its base load in the event of a power failure.


EVVA’s metal chips are 100% recycled. They are fully fed back into the production cycle.


60% energy saving thanks to LED conversion at EVVA


65% clean production at EVVA – manufacturing without oil, water and lubricants


Almost 50% less water consumption in 8 years. More efficient production processes, vacuum evaporators, etc., thanks to clean production.

New report coming soon online at www.evva.com!


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