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EVVA is your reliable companion

News | 22. October 2020.
The family man Martin Kernthaler is responsible for International Marketing at EVVA and has in-depth knowledge of the EVVA brand

Interview with: Martin Kernthaler, Head of International Marketing

How a company like EVVA is perceived is no coincidence, it is an important part of EVVA’s marketing strategy. The EVVA brand is synonymous with "the reliable companion" even in times of crisis. We asked Martin Kernthaler, Head of International Marketing at EVVA, about the direction in which the EVVA brand is developing.

What does the EVVA brand stand for?
EVVA symbolises "the reliable companion". One can imagine EVVA as a person in their mid forties who is a successful entrepreneur in a technical industry. Professionalism and quality are most important for him together with a love for innovation. At the bottom of his heart, he is driven by the desire to be dependable for those who are important to him: professionally, his customers; privately, his family.

What has changed for EVVA since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic?
The Corona crisis gives EVVA an opportunity to prove itself as a reliable companion. Now it’s all about not only being responsive to the needs of our partners and end customers but also to our employees. It is about making sure that we continue to be dependable and contunue to deliver quality solutions.

What can marketing accomplish for a company in a crisis?
Such a situation offers companies the chance to show their colours and prove that they are present even in difficult times. With regular and clear communication and adherence to the service promise,the company must create a special bond that will continue to have a positive effect long after the crisis is over.

Who helped with the development?
EVVA has embarked on the further development of its brand image with the help of an external brand agency. At EVVA itself, a large group of division managers were initially involved in laying the "foundation" for the repositioning. As the process drew to a close, the owners of the company were more intensively involved in the formulation of the brand’s characteristics. The result is a "set" of attributes that are synonymous with EVVA. It is a kind of "map" that we can take in our hands wherever and whenever we are shaping EVVA’s image.

Why did it become necessary to realign the brand?
Simply the fact that there were many ideas implicit to the EVVA brand, but no fixed definition.

How will this benefit the partners?
A clear brand positioning gives customers and partners more of what they value in EVVA: reliable support. This can manifest itself at many levels: in short delivery or quotation times, in competent project planning support, in a modular system that helps to save storage costs or in a partner portal through which the partner can quickly navigate. The challenge is to create the reliable companion in all areas of the company, and this is a "standing order".

Where do EVVA partners find a reliable companion?
The development of the brand took place at EVVA headquarters in Vienna, it was developed with the involvement of many EVVA employees and then rolled out to the branches. The brand image is also part of the training for every new employee starting out at EVVA. This means that the reliable companion image "is present" in all EVVA countries of operation. This is regardless of whether employees are dealing with a partner or addressing a facility manager of a large bank. The best way to experience this reliable companion is to watch the brand video: Many employees and partners reacted emotionally very positively to this video.

Mag. Martin Kernthaler
Vienna-born, married, 2 children
With EVVA since 2014
Leisure time, Lots of water, preferably by the sea: Sailing, surfing, SUP paddling, swimming, diving, canoeing but also mountain biking and hiking




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