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Advise your customers for a smoother sale

News | 12. October 2020.
Expert tipp: "Customers sometimes know exactly what they want when they enter a store, but they don’t know anything about alternatives or options. This makes your recommendations and top advice all the more important." Monika Schwaiger-Götsch heads the EVVA sales office

As a salesperson, you often have the role of finding out which product might be suitable with its associated benefits, or what personal needs the customer wants to cover? There are two central aspects that can encourage the customer to enter into a business relationship with you: Your range of products and your recommendation.

Your large range
Customers appreciate variety. They are also interested in what’s new. A wide product range can attract customers and motivate them to buy. A wide range of products promises competence and performance. For example, you can offer MCS to top customers, 4KS to customers who want a comfortable and very reliable reversible key system and still offer a basic system like EPS. Thus, you have already covered a broad customer base. Offering variants and options helps to land an order!

In addition: Your recommendation is beneficial
Particularly in B2B business, customers appreciate a preselection adapted to their needs. Simply browsing through product catalogues together is of little help - mark the pages that are important for the customer. A combination of mechanics and electronics is particularly suitable for customers who are already thinking about the future. They are off to a good start with AirKey - even with just one cylinder.



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