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News | 19. October 2020.
Who are EVVA employees and what gives them a sense of security? Find out more about Sahil Joses our 27-year-old (new) technical support for EVVA in the export market. Congratulations!

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Batala a small town in the state of Punjab in India and for the past 15 years Vienna has been my home.

What kind of professional training have you undergone?
I did a technical school with majors in electrical engineering. Later, graduated with a diploma in information technology & electronics. At the very beginning of my career I started working as a technical representative doing aftersales and since then I’ve been in this field.

What are your hobbies?
There are two things I am fond of, working-out in the gym and traveling. Hitting the gym early morning is a ritual for me. This helps me to start the day with optimism, focus and it keeps me active throughout the day. Whereas, travelling is the food for my soul.

Do you have a favourite EVVA system and why?
Yes, Airkey is my favourite system. There are many reasons behind this. An innovative product, which is easy to use and is highly secured.

What gives you a sense of security?
Coming from a family of teachers, has taught me to do things with strong work ethics. Having a good balance of everything in life is something I strive for. This makes me feel secure in life. When the balance is not found, I become a peaceful warrior.


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