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Where is the future taking us?

News | 25. July 2018.
No company cannot afford to stand still. Consequently, change is our permanent companion. But how will the future develop?  What will be important to tomorrow's customers? EVVA gets to the bottom of trends.

Electronic systems will continue to be a significant driver within the future of the security sector. There are completely new options if these components are combined with smartphones, a gadget almost anyone can operate nowadays. Simple operation and convenient use are the focus in this context. The more electronic systems move into the focus, the more important comprehensive data protection becomes.

These are the trends EVVA is focussing on:

  • User-friendly characteristics and service:
    From perfect calibration to automatic battery replacements. We can see a profitable field of activity in this context.
  • Data protection concerns us all:
    Manufacturers, but also partners and consumers must all make sure data remains secure. Thanks to privacy by design EVVA enables individual settings to meet national requirements.
  • Meeting maximum requirements:
    Increasingly more challenging and complex security demands require close collaboration to provide convenience and simultaneously guarantee protection.
  • Smart buildings/Internet of things:
    the ability to usefully link individual devices will be the top priority of the future.
  • Ageing society:
    Straight-forward and flexible access options make home care simpler.

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