LED changeover 60% energy savings in lighting
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Defined as a key topic for EVVA GRI 302: Energy; 305: Emissions UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), No 7: Affordable and clean energy; No. 12 Sustainable consumption and production

Sustainability doesn't have to be rocket science

It does not necessarily require unusual ideas to implement sustainable solutions. Sometimes the most obvious change is enough to make a big difference. An illustrative example of this from EVVA Vienna is the changeover from 2016 to LED lighting in production and from 2019 in all offices. With this lighting technology, we have so far been able to reduce electricity consumption by approx. 130,000 kWh per year. This is equivalent to the electricity demand of over 35 private households per year (at assumed 3,500 kWh per household and year).

Reduction of electricity consumption by more than half

The LED conversion results in a 60% electricity saving compared to the previous lighting solution – with the same luminous efficacy! Additional benefits: The service life of the LED is three times as long, i.e. the replacement effort is considerably reduced. The employees have the possibility to dim the light intensity and, in some cases, to make individual settings. The lighting conversion was triggered following an energy audit with the "denkstatt" external energy consultant.

EVVA Netherlands has also changed its lighting to LED in 2021. The two EVVA locations in Krefeld in Germany and Tišnov in the Czech Republic will follow soon.

Our targets

Fulfilment date: 2023

How: In addition to Vienna, the Krefeld and Tišnov production sites will also be fully converted to LED lighting by 2023.

Positive effects: In Krefeld 60,000 kWh energy savings per year. And in Tišnov 20,000 kWh energy savings per year. The results are checked via external energy audits.

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