2005 EVVA, the sustainability pioneer
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Stefan Ehrlich-Adám, CEO from 1999, initiated the first clean production machines and published the first sustainability report in 2005. That's new in the security sector. As an industrial company, EVVA has a great responsibility towards the environment and society. The company is also one of few industrial companies to provide hundreds of jobs in the heart of a large city. Industry and environmental protection need not be mutually exclusive. That’s why EVVA is implementing numerous CSR measures to significantly minimise the negative impacts of, for example, resource consumption and CO2 emissions. An example is our clean production facilities that have been awarded the TRIGOS Sustainability Award. It is the best evidence that ecological and economic sustainability can go hand in hand. Not using oil and water during the production process helps to protect the environment and reduce your costs, as there is no need to purchase and dispose of the oil and water.

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