1944 EVVA has to shut down.
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In January 1944, out of desperation, Karl Jindrich wrote a letter addressed to Reichsminister Joseph Goebbels himself! Jindrich did not dare send the letter directly to Goebbels, instead he gave it to a certain Dr Schwaiger – most probably his business contact at Saint Florian diocese near Linz, where EVVA had installed cylinders. But the letter was not successful.

Karl Jindrich left not stone unturned and wrote more letters to the Vienna Locksmiths’ Guild requesting help. Eventually he managed to secure support for the company from some of EVVA’s other key customers. But all of the effort was not enough. On 10 February 1944, he received a sobering response from Berlin: EVVA was forced to seize production as of 31 March 1944.

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